The thorough studies of humans existence and the impact of Egon Schiele’s art manifested Albina Rolsing’s expressive, vibrant and by no means limiting line. This line has the dominant expressiveness in many of her works. Her silhouettes, which appear as if from a dream, are not pressed into a tight corset by this line. 

Rather, the drawing helps the evolving creatures to free themselves from the physical to the abstract and pave their way to permeability, enabling them to penetrate into subconscious layers of the mind. Conversely, however, this way, deeply rooted meanings come to the surface. There is a constant exchange between the inner life and the outer appearance in Rolsing’s works. 

Especially, the intensive examination of the historic and art milieu of Vienna in the 19th and 20th century sustainably marks Rolsing’s artistic orientation. Strength, self-realization and the human longing for intimate connection with others are exactly the central themes in her art.

– Valerie Lalov, Art Historian

“I was about to explore the power of blue and its interaction with red by creating a series of works with the title Persona. I strove to tap the full potential of the interaction between different colours or between colours and lines to express themes that move me: strength and vulnerability, eros and death, motion.“