“Most of my artworks, created in series, are focussing on relations and connections between the individual and the world or between persons, radiant attracted by each other.“


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is the fundamental basis for Albina Rolsing’s art.

Heavily influenced by masterpieces of world literature and philosophy she explores human emotions, their strong desires for intimacy and autonomy, their strengths and their vulnerability. Most of her works are created in series focussing on relations and connections between the individual and the world or between persons, radiant attracted by each other.

Deeply curious to explore human nature Albina works in a variety of mediums to be able to express things in a very certain way to make people feel something by getting in touch with her artworks. „Different mediums are different visual languages. Every single language has its own power to express ideas to provoke thoughts and feelings. I would love to speak many of them.“

In Albina’s paintings vibrant colours, stronger than figurations, dominate her world of art. By drawing she prefers to use charcoal on paper and canvas. And she often uses oil, putting it in the lines, scratched with a needle into the surface of paper or wooden plates, covered with wax. From 2016 to now Vienna, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Munich, London, Miami, Lugano and Basel were the places where her art was seen in solo or group exhibitions and at the art fairs. Currently she creates her works between Vienna, Bamberg/Germany and Paris.

Selected solo and group shows / art fairs

2024 Around Rome Group Show, Museo Venanzo Crocetti, Palazzo Cancelleria Vaticana,
Biblioteca Angelica, Palazzo Velli Expo, Arte Borgo Gallery, Rome Italy, July

2024 Prospettiva Futuro Group Show, Gallery Hub / Art Barcelona , Barcelona,
Spain, April – May

2023 Enigmi, Group Show, Arte Borgo Gallery, Rome, Italy, July

2023 Soliloquio Group Show, Tempio die Pomona Salerno, Italy, June

2023 Contemporary Icons Group Show, Palazzo Cancelleria Vatican, Rome, Italy, April

2023 Invisible Treads Group Show, Arte Borgo Gallery, Rome, Italy, March

2022 Paradoxa Group Show, Museo Venanzo Crocetti & Arte Borgo Gallery,
Rome 24 Oct – 3 Nov

2021 Solo Show, AOA;87 Art Gallery Bamberg, Germany June – July

2020 Group Show, Museo Bellini, Florence, Sept

2019 Duo Show,  Galerie Benjamin Eck München, May – Juni

2019 Group Show, Arte Borgo Gallery Rome, May

2019/2020 Two Group Shows, Museo Gustavo de Maeztu, Navarra, Spanien Nov – Jan

2019 Group Show, WopArt, Work On Paper Fair, Lugano, CH, Sept

2019 Group Show Persona, Art Gallery 55Bellechasse, Paris7, October – Nov

2019 Group Show, Frame / Art Gallery 55Bellechasse Paris7, Miami ArtBasel Week, Dec

2018 Solo Show, Frame / Art Gallery 55Bellechasse Paris7,

Art Center Basel, ArtBasel Week, June

2018 Group Show, YIA_Young International Art Fair Paris, October

Study of Literature, Linguistic, Psychology, Universities of Bamberg and Berlin, Germany

Study of Fine Art, Faber Castell Akademie, Nürnberg Stein, Germany

Art Classes, Kunstfabrik Wien, Austria

Art Classes, Freie Kunstakademie Augsburg, Germany

A few Art Lovers’ Voices:

I just keep thinking about your work and yours posts and your Concepts and I feel like the longer I know you the closer I come to understanding your perspective in view of the world. And you really are almost like the demigod of romance.

A.B., USA 

Thank you, Albina, you really delivered a deep message in a very intense period for us! One day I’ll tell you better, till then simply GRAZIE

#casafreda Italy

Press and Media:

Nothing has moved Rolsing’s heart and mind more intensely than Shakespeare’s thoughts about love. His poetry was a sensual and intellectual inspiration for creating the abstractions to Venus And Alpha as a part of her series Persona and she used Shakespeare’s quotes as a kind of companions for some of her works themselves, instead of titles.


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“Looking at her art, enables and encourages one to discover and appraise human beauty, as well as beauty as the space between human boldness, strengths and human fears.“

Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

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